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With the 30th Anniversary of Boscov’s Berk Jazz Fest set to kick off this week, we would like to share important updates and guidance for our patrons and guests. 

Berks Jazz Fest is committed to providing an appropriate, safe, fun experience for everyone choosing to participate in the long-awaited 30th Anniversary Celebration. Berks Jazz Fest has been in contact with local authorities regarding protocols and policies for the upcoming festival, and would like to share the update below as of August 8th, 2021: 

All policies and protocols are subject to change at any time, without notice.

Any/all changes will be communicated via email, social media, and event signage at each venue.

*Vaccinated Patrons are *welcomed and encouraged* to wear masks while at Berks Jazz Fest events. 

*Unvaccinated Patrons are *strongly encouraged* to wear masks at Berks Jazz Fest events. 

*If Patrons experience symptoms, exposure, or positive test for Covid-19, they are expected to NOT ENTER a Berks Jazz Fest venue and immediately contact for information. 

*Berks Jazz Fest and Artist merchandise will utilize a *cashless* operation. Credit cards only for merchandise purchases. 

*Berks Jazz Fest masks will be available for purchase at select venues and shows. 

*All facilities and venues will be appropriately cleaned between performances. Other common spaces will be cleaned at every opportunity, and on a regular basis. 

*All Berks Jazz Fest personnel are provided masks and are required to report daily, prior to reporting to Berks Jazz Fest events. 

Questions, or need more information? Contact