Marvanne Kouvaros, holding #Unselfie Award and Berks Arts Mamie Covell, second from left, are joined by River Front Federal Credit Union representatives during recent award presentation.

Each year Riverfront Federal Credit Union puts its own spin on Giving Tuesday by recognizing volunteers who selflessly give back to our local community with no expectation of receiving anything in return.

This year, Marvanne Kouvaros was recognized for her dedication to Boscov’s Berks Jazz Fest serving as hospitality manager.

On November 30, Kouvaros was awarded the #Unselfie Award from River Front Federal Credit Union.

Marvanne is a long-time volunteer for Berks Arts. As a non-profit organization with the mission to inspire, engage and unite our community through arts education, collaboration and presentation, Berks Arts is built on volunteer support from hundreds of dedicated individuals from the region.

For over two decades, Marvanne has served as the leader in our hospitality function; making artists, volunteers, crew members, and sponsors feel warm and welcome. Though our festivals take place in a period of days, planning begins months ahead of time.

Marvanne is right alongside the Berks Arts office staff to ensure all needs are met, right down to the small details. Whether it is her knowledge of an artist’s favorite flavored water, or their preferred post-show snack, Marvanne’s attention and care to take care of everyone is unparalleled. 

Marvanne’s leadership and dedication to the organization is recognized by her peers. Her fellow Hospitality Coordinator, Connie Sweigart, shared,

“Marvanne is a very caring person who loves what she does. She goes out of her way to make sure that every artist is taken care of. The little things she does like knowing what candy they like or what cookies they like makes them feel special.  She goes out of her way to do what she does.”

Marvanne’s leadership is well noted by the Berks Jazz Fest general manager, John Ernesto, who said:

“Coordinating and managing artist hospitality for a complex event like the Berks Jazz Fest is a complex task – filled with many challenges. With her many years of experience, Marvanne easily deals with the complexities and challenges to deliver a positive experience for the many artists who perform at the fest.”

Jazz artists who have traveled the world touring take note of the special sense of home Marvanne provides in her hospitality work. Jazz trumpet and vocalist Rick Braun said:

“When it comes to backstage hospitality, no one does it better than Marvanne at the Berks Jazz Fest.
“First-class effort that all the artists greatly appreciate. She’s the best.”

Hospitality is not the only form Marvanne sends her love. Her career was spent in early education, impacting the youth of Berks county with her energy and passion. She continues to educate through a program on Berks Community Television where she shares her knowledge and expertise with young people. 

Berks Arts is fortunate and grateful to have a community member like Marvanne as an integral part of our family. She is certainly an embodiment of our organization’s mission to inspire, engage and unite!