Wednesday, March 11 / 7:30 p.m.
Alvernia Performing Arts & Culture Series
Francis Hall Theater / Alvernia University
Ticket Info: www.alvernia-edu/arts-culture

Germain Ingram & The Red Rose Collective

Alvernia University’s Performing Arts Series partners with the Boscov’s Berks Jazz Fest to celebrate its 30th anniversary and Berks’ Celebration of Women in the Arts

Internationally renowned tap dancer/vocalist Germaine Ingram joins the ethnically diverse Red Rose Collective in a dance and music performance celebrating Reading’s diversity, designed specifically for Alvernia University.

Ingram and the multi-talented instrumentalists/singers of the Red Rose Collective (Suzzette Ortiz, Lynn Riley, Karen Smith and Monnette Sudler) share an evening of songs and percussive dances that speak to the ways that women experience the senses – not just the five bodily senses but also more ephemeral ones of joy, loss, freedom, danger, time, space and gratitude.

The artists call on their own original compositions reflecting diverse styles and heritages, as well as music composed or popularized by women, to invite audiences to find a closer connection with their own senses and feelings.